What Is Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver is a horrible disease and is actually just the first stage of liver damage stages. Following liver damage stages after Fatty Liver are Liver Fibrosis and Liver Cirrhosis. You can check an article called Cirrhosis Of The Liver Symptoms we’ve made to provide you with more insight about Liver Cirrhosis. Good news is that Fatty Liver can however be reversed with the change of a life-style, change of food and with sports activities. In this article we will take a look at some facts about Fatty Liver disease:

  • Why does Fatty Liver develop?
  • What are the symptoms of having Fatty Liver?
  • How can you cure Fatty Liver?

Stages Of Liver Damage

How To Develop Fatty Liver Disease

Well It’s not hard to develop Fatty Liver Disease. There is a high correlation with alcohol and metabolic syndrome. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension are some of the main causes for development of Fatty Liver disease.

More about the process: Fatty Liver is a reversible condition. The main cause of developing a fatty liver disease is due to accumulation of fat in liver cells. Putting it simple – People with alcohol drinking problems and people with obesity issues have a tendency to develop Fatty Liver. Alcohol and obesity are the main causes but we also know several other conditions that can later lead to Fatty Liver. Some of them are:

  • Weber-Christian disease,
  • Sudden and severe Weight Loss,
  • HIV,
  • Hep C.

Also note that people without drinking / obesity problems may develop Fatty Liver. How? Well there are certain foods and activities that greatly help your liver. Some people who don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat to much food may still lead an unhealthy life. For example: If you have a tendency to consume pills on frequent occasions (for headaches, for random pain, etc.) AND if you don’t like garlic which is one of the most important foods for liver cleansing AND if you don’t engage in exercising activities on regular basis you are on a good way to develop Fatty Liver.

Symptoms And Cure For Fatty Liver

The thing is Fatty Liver does not produce any symptoms on it’s own. This is a very big problem because before you find out that your liver cells are covered in fat there may be to late. People usually find about their Fatty Liver condition while on medical test for something else. Doctors may find triglyceride levels are elevated and cholesterol may be to high.

There are however some symptoms that may point to liver issues. We’ve already mentioned them on the first page but let’s count them here again:

  • Not having a lot of energy and feeling tired in the early afternoon.
  • Not being able to lose weight.
  • Darker urine.
  • Nausea, sickness and occasional headaches.

These were some of the symptoms that may identify liver problems and Fatty Liver disease. The problem is that these symptoms are also very common indicators for many other diseases. That’s why you should get tested to medically confirm your situation and to define correct healing steps for your disease. Remember that most of diseases can be reversed. Fatty Liver is also one of the diseases that may be reversed. I’d suggest you take a look at How To Reverse Fatty Liver article. There you will find a specialized process for reversing Fatty Liver disease.

Fatty Liver Treatment

Best cure for cleansing your liver is definitely change of a life-style. By this we’d suggest change of diet and change of your activities (hobbies, sports, etc.). You can also take a look at which foods are very healthy for your liver here and also additional information on activities you can do in order to help your liver can be found here.

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